Surviving change

On September 25th, 2017, I was notified that I was being layed off.  My last day was to be Friday, September 29th.  It wasn’t unexpected, a disappointing last quarter in some business units, some long time clients leaving, it all added up to a reduced workload and the company had to cut costs. I  had seen the signs for a long while and, honestly? I expected it to happen sooner.

Sill, I went through the paces. Shock on the initial news, frustration, uncertainty for the future. All of that happening in the few hours following the notice. I was told at 10:30 in the morning. By 4 p.m., I’d polished off the resume and it was making the rounds.

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Played around for the first time with wireless flash syncing with my Nikon gear. Set up a backdrop, used the Speelight SB-700 as master controller on my D610 body, configured my SB-600 as a slave to light up a backdrop and enjoyed the whole experience. I suspect I’ll be on the hunt for other used I-TTL speedlights soon.

More info on the system here:

What a blast!



Old gear can only keep you going so far. For most of the last decade, I’ve been making do with an early generation Apple Time Capsule, without much to complain about – sure, it wasn’t the fastest to access files stored on its 2 Tb internal drive over wifi, but it worked. Until wifi traffic became insane around my home and interference from about 50 or so wifi routers started wreaking havoc on the 802.11n/g with interference galore.