Surviving change

On September 25th, 2017, I was notified that I was being layed off.  My last day was to be Friday, September 29th.  It wasn’t unexpected, a disappointing last quarter in some business units, some long time clients leaving, it all added up to a reduced workload and the company had to cut costs. I  had seen the signs for a long while and, honestly? I expected it to happen sooner.

Sill, I went through the paces. Shock on the initial news, frustration, uncertainty for the future. All of that happening in the few hours following the notice. I was told at 10:30 in the morning. By 4 p.m., I’d polished off the resume and it was making the rounds.

That’s the ticket. Don’t wait, move on, strike. The dust will settle, it would be nice to have a few weeks to refocus (a luxury granted by the somewhat generous severance package my former employer gave me). Yet probing the market early fights off the feelings that occur when the sudden life change happens.

Did I feel sadness, have regrets? Of course. That being said, over my six years with the company, I successfully completed my share of good projects, received kudos from my clients – which, in all honesty, gave me more satisfaction than the occasional performance bonuses I got from my employer.

I have worked with exceptional people. Some are still at the company, others have left over the years. We’ve all stayed in touch (thank you, social media). I will miss my team members, and my other colleagues as well.

Life goes on.

Monday, I received my notice. Tuesday, copies of my resume were circulating. Wednesday, a recruiter made contact and interviewed me on Thursday. Friday, I was notified that I have an interview for a job Monday, October 2nd.


With a little luck, I might get a few days to rest. Otherwise, it will be a new start in another place. It won’t be the first time; if you work in I.T., that’s your life in the 21st century.