After years of suffering with the RAM-X system, I discovered the Quadlock case system in 2019.

Quadlock RAM ball motorcycle mount

RAM-X was interfering with the volume on my iPhones. The X arms kept pushing on the buttons on my 6s and 8 Plus.

When I saw the Quadlock ad, I was curious about the mount design. They initially only offered a motorcycle mount with a round handlebar attachment meant for bicycles and some motorcycles. A little later, they introduced the RAM ball mount and as i already had RAM brackets with balls installed on my Connie for use with my GoPro (and the RAM-X mount), I decided to order one.

I had to order the phone case matching my model. The Quadlock phone case is about the same size as the Otterbox case I had for my 8 Plus and the recessed connector hole does not add much to the case thickness -you don’t really notice the difference. It is also very sturdy and gives good protection to my iphone.

iPhone 8s Quadlock case

Attaching the phone to the mount is a simple process. You align the case hole with the mount’s connector and twist it. The phone locks into place and, trust me, it’s sturdy. I have used it from July to October 2019 in bumpy roads, hitting potholes, over vibrating surfaces (grooved pavement) and the thing simply won’t budge. Unmounting the phone is simple: press on the blue locking tab, twist the phone and it comes off.

Having experienced such good performance from the bike mount, I decided to also get the car mount. You can get it with an induction charging option, but I took the regular version. It can mount to your windshield via its suction cup system, but Quadlock also provides a 3M adhesive backed disc you can use to mount it on your dash. I prefer the dash option, in my case it lets me check who’s calling while keeping my eyes level with the road.

Quadlock car mount

In the future, I’ll probably also get a mount for my bicycle and their sports armband mount for other activities. Be warned, the stuff isn’t cheap, but it’s a quality build.