Surviving change

On September 25th, 2017, I was notified that I was being layed off.  My last day was to be Friday, September 29th.  It wasn’t unexpected, a disappointing last quarter in some business units, some long time clients leaving, it all added up to a reduced workload and the company had to cut costs. I  had seen the signs for a long while and, honestly? I expected it to happen sooner.

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Consumables – the con job!

I’ve had it with these self-expiring consumables. Apple headphones that stop working after a few months of use. Expensive ink cartridges that clog and die after a few pages if the printer isn’t used over a period of time – not to mention the calibration process, a racket that sucks large amounts of ink to clean the nozzels (yeah, HP, Espon, Canon, you are the ones I’m talking about).

We’re getting fleeced as consumers.

Done ranting.